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Amigurumi Goat Free Crochet Pattern

Hello dear Amigurumi Knitting Lovers
Today we share a free amigurumi crochet pattern for you. As you know, we share new amigurumi free patterns every day. master crochets, amigurumi gazelles, amigurumi bears, amigurumi pola, amigurumi pandas, amigurumi penguins, amigurumi giraffes, amigurumi lama, amigurumi pigs, amigurumi rabbit, amigurumi clowns, amigurumi dolls, amigurumi unicorn, amigurumi elephants, amigurumi unicorn , amigurumi hippos, amigurumi monkeys, amigurumi cats, amigurumi dogs and more…

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Today, the new daily crochet pattern Amigurumi Goat Free Crochet Pattern, I want to give you some information about this pattern;


• (A) white: Alize Cotton Gold 62 (100gr/330m)

• (B) grey: Alize Cotton Gold 87 (100gr/330m)

• (C) pink: Alize Cotton Gold 393 (100gr/330m)


• Hook: size 2-2.5mm

• Black eyes on a secure mount, 8mm in diameter

• Knitting needle, pins, stitch marker, scissors


CH air loop

SC single crochet



HDC double crochet

SL-ST connecting loop

MAGİC RİNG Amigurumi ring

DC double crochet

DC2 double crochet

(…) knit loops in ( ) in one loop

[ ]…x

Repeat instructions in

bracketMAGİC RİNGх….X times

p loop


Row p

1 chainMAGİC RİNG of 6CH, starting with

2nd st from hookMAGİC RİNG (6) 2 SC 4, (3SC) in 1 st, 3SC,INC (12)

3 INC, 3SC, 3INC, 3SC, 2INC (18)

4 1SC, INC, 3SC, [1SC, INC] x3,3SC, [1SC, INC] x2 (24)

5 24SC, change thread to A (24)

6 6DEC, 12SC (18)

7 3DEC, 12SC (15)

8-10 15SC (3 rows) (15)

11 [3SC, DEC] x3 (12)

12-14 12SC (3 rows) stuff (12)

15 6DEC (6)

Cut the thread, leaving a long tail for stitching, pull off with a needle hole in the last row.

Row p

1 SC 6 in MAGİC RİNG (6) 26INC (12)

3 [1SC, INC] x6 (18)

4 1SC, INC, [2SC, INC] x 5, 1SC (24)

5 [3SC, INC] x6 (30)

6 2SC, INC, [4SC, INC] x 5, 2SC (36)

7 [5SC, INC] x6 (42)

8 3SC, INC, [6SC, INC] x5, 3SC (48)

9 [7SC, INC] x6 (54)

10 4SC, INC, [8SC, INC] x5, 4SC (60)

11 27SC, change the thread to C, 6SC, change the thread to A, 27SC (60)

12 26SC, 8SC, 26SC (60)

13 25SC, 1SC0, 25SC (60)

14 24SC, 12SC, 24SC (60)

15-16 23SC, 14SC, 23SC (2 rows) (60)

17 11SC, 3DEC, 6SC, 14SC, 6SC, 3DEC, 11SC (54)

18 7SC, [1SC, DEC]x3, 4SC,

14SC, 4SC, [DEC, 1SC]x3, 7SC (48)

19 3SC, DEC, 6SC, DEC, 4SC, 2SC,DEC, 6SC, DEC, 2SC, 4SC, DEC, 6SC, DEC, 3SC (42)

20-21 15SC, 12SC, 15SC (2 rows) (42)

22 [5SC, DEC] x2, 1SC, 4SC, DEC,6SC, DEC, 4SC, DEC, 5SC, DEC (36)

23 13SC, 11SC, 12SC (36)

24 2SC, DEC, 4SC, DEC, 3SC, 1SC,DEC, 4SC, DEC, 2SC, 2SC, DEC,4SC, DEC, 2SC (30)

25 11SC, 9SC, 10SC (30)

26 [3SC, DEC] x2, 1SC, 2SC, DEC,3SC, DEC, [3SC, DEC] x2 (24)

Cut the thread, leaving a long tip for further stitching. Fill.

Row p

1 dial a chain of 4CH, knit from the 2nd loop from the hookMAGİC RİNG (4)

2 2SC, (3SC) in one loop, SC, INC (8)

3INC, SC, 3INC, SC, 2INC (14)

4 [6SC, INC] x2, change color to A (16)

5 16SC (16)

6 4DEC, 8SC (12)

7 2DEC, 8SC (10)

8-14 10SC (7 rows) stuff (10)

15 DEC 5(5)

Cut the thread, leaving a long tail for stitching, pull off with a needle hole in the last row.

HEAD (thread A)

Row p

1 6SC in MAGİC RİNG (6)

2 2INC, INC, (SC, SC) in one loop, 2INC (12)

3 [1SC, INC]x2, 1SC, INC, 1SC, (SC, SC) in one loop, [1SC, INC] x2 (18)

4 1SC, INC, 2SC, INC, 2SC, INC, 2SC, INC, [2SC, INC] x2, 1SC (24)

5 [3SC, INC] x2, 2SC, SC, INC, 3SC, INC, [3SC, INC] x2 (30)

6 2SC, INC, 4SC, INC, 4SC, (SC, SC) in one loop, 4SC, INC, [4SC, INC] x2, 2SC (36)

7 [5SC, INC] x2, 3SC, 2SC, INC, 4SC, SC, INC, [5SC, INC] x2 (42)

8 3SC, INC, 6SC, INC, 6SC, (SC, SC) in one loop, 6SC, INC,[6SC, INC] x2, 3SC (48)

9 [7SC, INC] x2, 4SC, 3SC, INC, 5SC, 2SC, INC, [7SC, INC] x2 (54)

10 4SC, INC, 8SC, INC, 8SC, (SC, SC) in one loop, 8SC, INC, [8SC, INC] x2, 4SC (60)

11 25SC, 11SC, 24SC (60)

12 [9SC, INC] x2, 5SC, 4SC, INC,6SC, 3SC, INC, [9SC, INC] x2 (66)

13-17 27SC, 12SC, 27SC, thread B trim (5 rows) (66)

18 28SC, 10SC, 28SC (66)

19 29SC, 8SC, 29SC (66)

20 30SC, 6SC, 30SC (66)

21 31SC, 4SC, 31SC (66)

22 14SC, 3INC, 15SC, 2SC, 15SC, INC 3, 14SC, thread C cut (72)

23 72SC (72)

24 14SC, 3DEC, 32SC, 3DEC, 14SC (66)

25 12SC, 3DEC, 30SC, 3DEC, 12SC (60)

26 [8SC, DEC] x6 (54)

27 [7SC, DEC] x6 (48)

28 3SC, DEC, [6SC, DEC] x5, 3SC (42)

29 [5SC, DEC] x6 (36)

30 2SC, DEC, [4SC, DEC] x5, 2SC (30)

31 [3SC, DEC] x6 (24) Cut the thread, leaving a long tip for stitching. Fill.

EARS (thread A, X2)

Row p

1 6SC in MAGİC RİNG (6)

2 [1SC, INC] x3 (9)

3 2SC, INC, 2SC INC, 2SC, INC (12)

4 2SC, INC, 2SC, INC, 1SC, 1SC,INC, 2SC, INC (16)

5 3SC, INC, 3SC, INC, 1SC, 2SC, INC, 3SC, INC (20)

6-7 5SC, 6SC, 9SC (2 rows) (20)

8 3SC, DEC, 3SC, DEC, SC, 2SC,DEC, 3SC, DEC (16)

9 4SC, 5SC, 7SC (16)

10 2SC, DEC, 2SC, DEC, SC, 1SC,DEC, 2SC, DEC (12) wrap the thread, leaving a long tip

for stitching. Fold the ears in half and INC sew both sides together.

HORNS (Thread B, x2)

Row p

1 8SC in MAGİC RİNG (8)

2-9 8SC (8 rows) (8)

10 3SC, 2INC, 3SC (10)

11-22 10SC (12 rows) (10) Thread cut. The horns fell off the MAGİC RİNG stuff.

HAIR (thread B)


1 [6CH, co2nd st from hookMAGİC RİNG, 5INC]x3

Cut the thread, leaving a long bob for INC sewing.

TAIL (thread A)


1 10CH, change thread to C, [6CH, SL-ST] x3

Cut the thread, leaving a long tip for INC sewing.






INC fix eyes at 16-17 in a row, the distance between eye MAGİC RİNGmi 13-14 loops

INCfix the hair on top of the head

With pins

INCgive shape to the horns, MAGİC RİNGk

in the photo below.


Fasten with a needle horns

After fixing the horns should look like this

Making the second horn likewise INC attach the horns to the head

(behind the hairMAGİC RİNGmi), paSL-STtoyanie between rozhMAGİC RİNGmi 6 loops

INC fasten the ears under rozhMAGİC RİNGmi.

Embroider with black thread mouth

Embroider with pink thread cheeks

Embroider with white thread dashes on the muzzle MAGİC RİNGk on a photo

INC sew the legs to the body

INC sew the handles to the body

INC we sew the tail in mid body back

INC sewing the head to the body.

Amigurumi Goat Free Crochet Pattern

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