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Amigurumi Blonde Doll Free Crochet Pattern

Hello dear Amigurumi Knitting Lovers
Today we share a free amigurumi crochet pattern for you. As you know, we share new amigurumi free patterns every day. master crochets, amigurumi gazelles, amigurumi bears, amigurumi pola, amigurumi pandas, amigurumi penguins, amigurumi giraffes, amigurumi lama, amigurumi pigs, amigurumi rabbit, amigurumi clowns, amigurumi dolls, amigurumi unicorn, amigurumi elephants, amigurumi unicorn , amigurumi hippos, amigurumi monkeys, amigurumi cats, amigurumi dogs and more…

Today, the new daily crochet pattern Amigurumi, Blonde Doll Free Crochet Pattern , I want to give you some information about this pattern;


1 Etrofl Amgurum 70782
1 Gazzal Baby Cotton 3468
1 Gazzal Baby Cotton 3465
1 Gazzal Baby Cotton 3437
1 Gazzal Baby Cotton 3457
1 Gazzal Baby Cotton 3448
1 Gazzal Gza Mate 5553
Safety Eyes 12mm
1 button
1metter, 2.5mm thck copper wre
Crochet Hook: 2.00mm
For Eggs: Art Clay


We crochet wth reverse frequent needle.
sc: Sngle crochet
nc: Increase, 2 sngle crochet
sttches n the sttch below
w: Increase, 3 sngle crochet sttches n th e sttch below
dec: Decrease from 2 sttches to 1 only
m: Decrease from3 sttches to 1 only
ch: Chan
BLO: Through Back loop only
FLO: Through Front loop only
sl st: Slp Sttch
hdc: Half Double Crochet
dc: Double Crochet
dc(nc): Increase, 2 double crochet
n the sttch below
dcw: Increase, 3 double crochet n
the sttch below
(…)*: Repeat nstructons n brackets
fot the tmes


We prepare 20cm wire for the arms.
We don‘t do fiber filling.
We s tart crocheting with the skin color.

1.Ch9, starting from second; inc, 6sc, inc,7sc(17)
2-4. 17sc

5.Thumb; 4dc into the same stitch, 16sc
6-7. 17sc

8.(4sc, dec)*3(15)
9-22. 15sc



1.Ch7, starting from second; inc, 4sc, to the last frequent needle 6sc, 4sc, inc (18)

2.2inc, sc, 3dc, 6dc(inc), 3dc, sc, 2inc (28)

3.(inc, sc)2, 4sc, (sc, inc)6, 4sc, (sc, inc)*2 (38)


We crochet 2 bases for each shoe according to the pattern above. We place the plastic base we cut between the 2 bases we crocheted and connect the bases with sl st.


1. We remove 38 stitches from the base, sl st, ch1

2-6. 38sc, sl st, ch1 (38)

7.10sc, 9dec, 10sc, sl st, ch1 (29)

8.29sc, sl st, ch1(29)

9.12sc, 2dec, 13sc, sl st, ch1(27)

10.27sc, sl st, ch1(27)

We continue crocheting with white.

 11. BLO 27sc, sl st, ch1                                (27)

 We continue crocheting with skin color.

12. BLO 27sc                                                 (27)

13-14. 27sc                                                     (27)

15. inc, 26sc                                                    (28)

16. 28sc

 17. inc, 27sc                                                    (29)

18. 29sc

 19. inc, 28sc                                                    (30)

20-23. 30sc

 24. 28sc, dec                                                   (29)

25. 4dec, 21sc                                                 (25)

26. 25sc

 We form knees.

 27. 11sc, 6inc, 8sc                                         (31)

28. 31sc

 29. inc, 30sc                                                    (32)

30. 12sc, 6dec, 8sc                                        (26)

31. inc, 25sc                                                   (27)

32. 27sc 33. sc, inc, 25sc

33. sc, inc, 25sc                                           (28)

34. 28sc

 35. 2sc, inc, 25sc                                           (29)

36. 29sc

 37. 3sc, inc, 25sc                                           (30)

We continue crocheting with white.

38. 30sc

39. Left leg; 15sc

The increases must coincide with the back. If there is a change due to hand difference, the increase can be moved forward 1 stitch or back 1 stitch. First we crochet the right leg. After crocheting the left leg, we continue crocheting the body without cutting the yarn. In the 11th row, FLO stitches; We crochet 2 rows 27sc with pink color. In the 12th row, FLO stitches; We crochet 2 rows of 27sc with cream color and 1 row of 27sc with green color. We cut the yarn and hide it.


We join the two legs in the middle with ch2. The head of the row should be at the back. There may be differences due to tight or loose crocheting. For this reason, we pay attention to centering the legs. We can shift 1 stitch forward or 1 stitch back.

1. 30sc (right leg), on chain 2sc, 30sc (left leg), on chain 2sc (64)

2-9. 64sc

We continue crocheting with skin color.

10. BLO 64sc

11. (6sc, dec)*8 (56)

12-14. 56sc

15. (4sc, dec)*9, 2sc (47)

16-18. 47sc 19. (4sc, dec)*7, 5sc (40)

20-21. 40sc

Connect the b ody and the arms. We connect each arm to the body with 5 sc.

22. 9sc, connect the arm to the body with the 5sc, 15sc, connect the arm to the body with the 5sc, 6sc

23-24. 40sc

25. 6sc, 8dec, 7sc, 8dec, 2sc (31)

26. 30sc

27. (3sc, 6dec)*2(18)  

28. 18sc

29. (3sc, dec)*3, 3sc(15)

30-34. 15sc


We attach the eyes to the chain spaces on the 22nd row. There should be 9sc between the eyes before the eyes are attached, and 7sc after the eyes are attached.

1. Start 6 sc in a magic ring                            (6)

2. 6inc                                                              (12)

3. (sc, inc)*6                                                    (18)

4. (2sc, inc)*6                                                 (24)

5. (3sc, inc)*6                                                 (30)

6. (4sc, inc)*6                                                 (36)

7. (5sc, inc)*6                                                 (42)

8. (6sc, inc)*6                                                 (48)

9. (7sc, inc)*6                                                 (54)

10. (17sc, inc)*3                                           (57)

11-21. 57sc

22. 17sc, ch1, skip sc, 9sc, ch1, skip sc, 29sc (We created the eye sockets.)

23. 57sc (We also crochet single crochet on the chains.)

24. 8sc, (sc, inc)*6, 5sc, (inc, sc)*6, 20sc (69)

We created the cheek protrusions.

 25-29. 69sc

30. 8sc, (sc, dec)*6, 5sc, (dec, sc)*6, 20sc  (57)

 31. (17sc, dec)*3                                           (54)

32. (7sc, dec)*6                                               (48)

33. (6sc, dec)*6                                               (42)

34. (5sc, dec)*6                                               (36)

35. (4sc, dec)*6                                               (30)

36. (3sc, dec)*6                                               (24)

37. (2sc, dec )*6                                             (18)

38. (4sc, dec)*3                                             (15)


We pull the yarn that we put on the corners of the eyes from the back of the head.

White of the eye; With white yarn; we embroider in the form of an arc, starting from the lower part of the eye and reaching the outer side of the eye.

Eyeliner and Eyelashes; With black yarn; we start from the upper inner part of the eye and embroider 1 row diagonally from the outer part of the eye. We embroider the eyelash detail at the tip.

Nose; We embroider 4sc wide at the lower level of the eyes. There will be 2 sc between the eyes and the nose.

Mouth; We embroider 5 rows below the nose, at nose level, with a width of 5 sc.

Muscles; We embroider on 4 rows of the eyes. With brown yarn, 3sc forward from the eye spring; We embroider diagonally down 1 row, 3sc wide

We color the cheeks and nose.


1. Ch10zn, starting from second; 6inc, to the last stitch 8sc, 6inc, 8sc

 2. 12inc, 8sc, 12inc, 8sc

 Front Bangs; 7 pieces

 Ch15, starting from second;14sc

 Long Bangs;

Ch50, starting from second; 49sc

NOTE: While crocheting the front bangs, we skip 1 sc. We braid long hair without skipping. We braid the hair by measuring it. If you have tight hands or are going to use a thinner yarn, you should increase your crochet number. Wig; We align the head with the center of the magic ring we made while crocheting and sew it. We fix and sew the bangs by using the images. We gather the remaining hair on the sides from both sides and collect it with a buckle.


1. Ch45, starting from 6th;  40sc

 2. 6sc, (sc, ch1, sc) to the same stitch, 7sc, (sc, ch1, sc) to the same stitch, 12sc, (sc,ch1, sc) to the same stitch, 7sc, (sc, ch1, sc) to the same stitch, 6sc

 3. 7sc, (sc, ch1, sc) to the same stitch, 9sc,(sc, ch1, sc) to the same stitch, 13sc, (sc,ch1, sc) to the same stitch, 9sc, (sc, ch1, sc)to the same stitch, 7sc

 4. 7sc, ch6, skip 10sc (armhole), 14sc, ch6,skip 10sc (armhole), 8sc

 5-7. 41sc

 We continue crocheting with pink.

 8. 41inc

 9-14. 82hdc

 15. With white; BLO 82dc(inc)

 With pink; FLO (ch3, sink to the bottom)*82

 16. With white;  BLO 164dc

 With green; FLO (ch3, sink to the bottom)*164

 17. With white;  BLO 164dc

 With orange; FLO (ch3, sink to the bottom)*1 64

 18. (ch3, sink to the bottom)*164

 Shoulder detail;

1. With pink; We do sl st throughout the row.

 2. (ch3, sink to the bottom)*Repeat until end of row.


1. Start 8 sc in a magic ring.                           (8)

2. 8inc                                                               (16)

3. (sc, inc)*8                                                     (24)

4. (2sc, inc)*8                                                  (32)

5-6. 32sc

 7. BLO 32sc

 8-9. 32sc

 10. We crochet 2 rows by dipping. (inc, sc)*32

 11. 32sc

 12. We crochet the row using the reverse single crochet technique.


 1. Ch5, starting from second; 4sc, ch1, turn

 2-10. 4sc, ch1, turn

 We adjust the size of the basket by measuring it.We place the plastic mold we cut into the basket.



 We crochet 4 pink and 2 white flowers.

 We start crocheting with yellow color.

 1. Start 10 sc in a magic ring.

 2.(Ch3, skip sc, sink to the bottom)*5 (We created 5 slots.)

 We continue  crocheting with pink/white.

 3. [Ch2, 4tr in the same slot, ch2, sink to the bottom]* 5

(We repeat until we have 5 leaves.)


 We crochet 2 orange flowers.

 1. (Start ch1, 3dc, ch1, sink into the magic ring, in a magic ring)*5

 (We repeat until we have 5 leaves.)


 1. [(Ch3, 3dc into the first chain), (ch5, 3dc into the 3rd chain)]*10

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