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Amigurumi Bunny Pillow Free Crochet Pattern

        For a pillow 30 * 30 cm you will need;

⠀ Yarn: YarnArt DOLCE or Himalaya Dolphin Baby-2 skein of gray

(on a pillowcase) and 1 white (on a hare)

⠀ Hook # 5.

⠀ Threads of iris for stitching

⠀ Filler for ponytail

⠀ Zipper 30 cm (more possible)

1 row: we collect 30 air loops (you can have your own knitting density, it is better to say a sample and measure it)

2 Row: 30 Sc (column without a cape) and 30sc (we knit in a circle tying a chain of two sides for a total of 60 sc.

3 row: 60sc. Thus, we knit a pillow in height which we need in my case is 30 cm. For the time being, leave the pillow.

We knit a hare of white yarn;

We knit it according to the scheme for 2 photos, in rotary rows sc.

Where is the addition in the circuit, I did the increase in the first loop and the last (2 sc in one loop).

1st row: 11

2 row: 11 sc

3 row: increase, 9sc, increase (13sc)

4th row: unchanged (13 sc)

5 row: increase, 11sc, increase (15sc)

6 row: unchanged (15 sc)

7 row: increase, 13sc, increase (17sc)

8 row: unchanged (17 sc)

9 row: increase, 15sc, increase (19sc)

10-16 series: unchanged (19sc)

17 row: decav, 15sc, decav (17sc)

18 row: unchanged (17 sc)

19 row: decav, 13sc, decav (15sc)

20 row: unchanged (15 sc)

21 row: decav, 11sc, decav (13sc)

22 row: no change (13 sc)

23 row: decav, 9 sc, decav (11sc)

24 row: unchanged (11 sc)

25 row: decav, 7sc, decav (9sc)

26 row: unchanged (9 sc)

27 row: increase, 7sc, increase (11sc)

28 row: unchanged (11sc)

29 row: increase, 9sc, increase (13sc)

30-32 row: no change (13sc)

33 row: decav, 7sc, decav (9sc)

34 row: unchanged (9 sc)

35 row: decav, 5sc, decav (7sc)

Close the loop and leave the thread for stitching the bunny and pillow.

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