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Amigurumi Cook Free Crochet Pattern

Hello dear Amigurumi KNITTING LOVERS
Today, we share one free amigurumi crochet pattern for you. As you know, we share new amigurumi free patterns every day. Main crochets, amigurumi gazelles, amigurumi bears, amigurumi pola, amigurumi pandas, amigurumi penguins, amigurumi giraffes, amigurumi lama, amigurumi pigs, amigurumi bunny, amigurumi clowns, amigurumi dolls, amigurumi unigurumi lambs, amigurumi dolls, amigurumi bees, amigurumi dinosaurs, amigurumi elephants, amigurumi hippos, amigurumi monkeys, amigurumi cats, amigurumi dogs and more…

Today’s daily new crochet pattern Amigurumi Cook Free Crochet Pattern without amigurumi
I want to give you some information about this pattern;

Abbreviated designations:

MAGİC RİNG – amigurumi ring

Sc – single crochet

Inc– ıncibavmagic ring

Dec– decаmagic ring

CH – air loop

For the back p / p – for the back half loop

For the front p / p – for the front half loop

Offset loop – offset the beginning of the row by as many loops as the magic ring has in



color: flesh (light beige) or pink

1.6scв MAGİC RİNG (amigurumi ring).

2. (ıncibavmagic ring) х6р = 12

3. (1sc., Inc.) X6p = 18

4. (2sc., Inc.) X6 = 24

5. (3sc., Inc.) X6 = 30

6. (4sc., Inc.) X6 = 36

7-14 rows: 36sc each.

15. (2sc., Inc.) Х12 = 48


17. (3sc., Inc.) Х12 = 60

18 – 24 rows: 60sc each.

25. (4sc., Dec.) X10 = 50

26. (3sc., Dec.) X10 = 40

27. (2sc., Dec.) X10 = 30

28. (1sc., Dec.) X10 = 20. Fill.

29. (dec.) X10 = 10

Ears (2 parts);

color: flesh (light beige) or pink. Do not fill!


2. (ınc.) X6 = 12

3. (1sc., Inc.) X6 = 18

4. (1sc., Inc.) X6 = 12.

Nose color:

 flesh (light beige) or pink


2. (ınc.) X6 = 12

3. (1sc., Inc.) X6 = 18

4. (dec.) X9 = 9, leave the thread for sewing, fill.

Tighten the roti magic ring. Incide your nose. Incite your ears. It should turn out to be a magic ring


Eyes 2 details;

White color


2. (ınc.) X6 = 12

3. (1sc., Inc) x6 = 18

Eyelids 2 details color:

flesh (light beige) or pink. Do not fill!


2. (ınc.) X6 = 12

3. (1sc., Inc.) X6 = 18

4. (2sc., Inc.) X6 = 24

5. Fold the piece of the magic ring in half and tie ınc, connecting both edges with the 12th sc

Feet, Legs and Body:

Inc-tie color: dark gray (or blue); beige (pink); light gray (or



2. (ınc.) X8 = 16

3. (1sc., Inc.) X8 = 24

4 – 9 rows: 24sc each

10. (2sc., Dec) x6 = 18

11 – 14 rows: 18sc each

15. 4sc., 3scıncopus magic ringem; 3CH; 11sc = 18

16. 4sc., 3sc by CHınc of the previous row, 11sc = 18

Fill the foot

17. (1sc., Dec.) X6 = 12. Insert the ınc fiber and fill the foot.

18. (dec) x6 = 6. Pull off the hole, break the thread and close it.

Incattach a flesh (pink) thread to the back of the foot exactly in the middle of the heel and

ınc tie 8sc around the hole (ınc fibers)

1 – 2 rows: 8sc in a circle around the ıncovolok.

Change the thread to light gray (light gold):

3 – 4 rows: 8sc each

5.2sc., Inc., 4sc., Inc = 10

6 – 7 rows: 10sc each

8. (4sc., Inc.) X2 = 12

9 – 10 rows: 12sc each

11. (5sc., Inc.) X2 = 14

12 – 13 rows: 14sc each

14. (6sc., Inc.) X2 = 16

15 – 16: by 16sc

17. (7sc., Inc.) X2 = 18

18-19: until 18sc. We do not break the thread at the second leg !!!

We connect the legs in the torso:

Decide with your feet to the sides!

39.5sc for 2 second leg; 2sc on both legs at the same time (connect the legs

between themselves); 16sc; ınc; 16sc; ınc

40. 25sc., Put here a marker for the beginning of the row; (ınc.) x16, 19sc. We stuff our legs.

41.36sc; ınc; 9sc; ınc; 3sc = 52

42 – 44r – by 52sc

45p – 2 offset loops (move the marker here); 52sc = 52

46 – 51 rows: 52sc each. Change the thread to white (optional, but you can not change it)

52.1 offset loop (move the marker here); (2sc., Dec.) X8, 20sc = 44

53. (1sc., Dec.) X8, 20sc = 36

54. (dec.) X8, 20sc = 28

55 – 57 rows: 28sc each

58. (dec.) X4, 20sc = 24

59. (2sc., Dec.) X6 = 18. Change the thread to beige (pink)


61. (4sc., Dec.) X3 = 15

62. (3sc., Dec.) X3 = 12

63 – 65 rows: 12sc each (this is the neck)

Cut off the ınc fiber coming out of the body, leaving a sufficient end so that

put your head on it.

We plant the prepared head on the body and ıncish it.

Fingers (8pcs) and hands colors: beige (pink); gray (golden)

We knit fingers (beige or pink): 8 parts, of which two fingers

We do not break the thread, we will use it to connect our fingers in the palm.


2 – 6 rows: 6sc each.

7p – we connect the fingers in the palm: 3sc on the 1st finger; 3sc on the 2nd finger; 6sc to

3rd finger; 3sc on the 2nd finger; 3sc 1st finger = 18

8 – 9 rows: 18sc each

10. (for the left hand): 1sc., Inc we connect the thumb: 3sc on the finger and on

palms at the same time; 14sc in the palm = 18

11. (for the left hand): 1sc., 3sc on the thumb from the outside; 14 sc = 18

10. (for the ınc hand): 5sc; ınc we connect the thumb: 3sc by the finger and by

palms at the same time; 10sc = 18

11. (for the ınc hand): 5sc; 3sc on the outside of the thumb; 10sc = 18

12.18sc. Insert ıncovy magic ringрmagic ringс.

13. (1sc., Dec.) X6 = 12

14. (2sc., Dec.) X3 = 9

15 – 28 rows: 9sc., Change thread color to gold

29.for the front p / p 9sc

30 – 33 rows: 9sc each

34. (1sc., Dec.) X3 = 6

Leave a thread for sewing.


Hands to the body on the magic ring do not ıncish! Wait, the magic ring will not be ready for the magic ring !!!

Kurt magic ring white

1. Cast on a chain of 37CH and knit, starting from the 2nd loop from the hook magic ring (5sc., Inc.) X5;

6sc., Turn

2. 1CH; (6sc., Inc) x5, 6sc., Turn

3.1CH; (7sc., Inc) x5; 6sc., Turn

4.1CH, 8sc., Inc., 5CH; 5 ınc omit, 3sc., Inc., 8sc., Inc., 8sc., Inc., 5CH; 5

ınc omit, 3sc., ınc., 6sc. 56

5. (9sc., Inc.) X5, 6sc = 61

6 – 9 rows of 61sc

10. Tie the part in a circle sc, ınc and in the magic ring each corner we knit from one

loops 3sc. Fasten the thread, break off.

RUMAGİC RİNGBA color white

1. Dial on the jacket along the edge of the magic ring of the magic ring of 12sc for knitting of the magic ring

2 – 15 rows: 12sc each

16.for the front p / p 12sc


The second romantic ring is knitted in the same way.


White color

1.6 ınc omit, 25sc., Turn

2 – 3 rows: 1CH; 25sc., Turn

4.1CH; 25sc Fasten and break the thread.

Incline the buttons to the jacket.

Inc we put our hands on through the rmagic ring and begin to sew them to the body

Cap color white


2. (ınc) x6 = 12

3. (1sc., Inc) x6 = 18

4. (1sc., Inc) x9 = 27

5. (2sc., Inc) x9 = 36

6. (3sc., Inc) x9 = 45

7. (4sc., Inc) x9 = 54

8. (5sc., Inc) x9 = 63

9. (6sc., Inc) x9 = 72

10 and 11 rows of 72sc

12. (4sc., Dec) х12 = 60

13. (3sc. Dec) x12 = 48

14. (2sc., Dec) х12 = 36

15. (1sc., Dec) х12 = 24

16.for front half loops 24sc

17 – 23 rows: 24sc each (7 rows). Incriminate the cap to the head.


White color

Cast on a chain of 100CH, starting from the second loop from the magic ring’nc hook, we knit 99sc,

break the thread (this is the belt).

1. Count from the beginning of the knitted strip (belt) 42sc, ınc fasten the thread and knit

15sc., Turn

2 – 10 rows: 1CH, 15sc., Turn

11.15sc. Break the thread, secure and tighten the tip.


Color red

1.2CH, 2sc. In the 2nd loop from the magic ring hook, turn = 2

2.1CH, (ınc) x2, turn = 4

3.CH, 1sc., (Inc) x2, 1sc., Turn = 6

4.1CH, 6sc., Turn

5.1CH, ınc., 4sc., Inc, turn = 8

6 – 7 rows: 1CH, 8sc., Turn

8.1CH, dec, 4sc., Dec., Turn = 6

9 – 11 rows: 1CH, 6sc., Turn

12.1CH, 2sc., Dec., 2sc., Turn = 5

13 – 21 rows: 1CH, 5sc., Turn

22.1CH, dec., 1sc., Dec., Turn = 3

23 – 26 rows: 1CH, 3sc., Turn

27 tie the part around, knitting 3sc in the corners from one loop

Knife (hatchet)

Color light gray and black

1. Cast on a chain of 13CH with gray thread and, starting from the 2nd loop from the hook, magic ring

knit: 12sc, turn

2 – 4 rows: 1CH, 12sc., Turn

5.1CH; for the back half loop 12sc., turn

6 – 7 rows: 1CH, 12sc, turn

8.lCH, 12sc.

9. Fold the part in half and connect the edges (on both sides: the long part and the short part, don’t connect the second short part !!!)

10. Incattach the black thread to the side of the knife, to the one whose edges we do not

connected and ınc knit 3sc on the front side and 3sc on the back side, a total of 6 loops are obtained. Next, knit in a circle (in a spiral) the handle of the knife.

11 – 16 rows: 6sc each. Insert the ınc fiber into the blade and knife handle. Pull the loops, break the thread and fold the tip.

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