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Amigurumi Doll With Flowers Free Crochet Pattern

Hello dear Amigurumi Knitting Lovers
Today we share a free amigurumi crochet pattern for you. As you know, we share new amigurumi free patterns every day. master crochets, amigurumi gazelles, amigurumi bears, amigurumi pola, amigurumi pandas, amigurumi penguins, amigurumi giraffes, amigurumi lama, amigurumi pigs, amigurumi rabbit, amigurumi clowns, amigurumi dolls, amigurumi unicorn, amigurumi elephants, amigurumi unicorn , amigurumi hippos, amigurumi monkeys, amigurumi cats, amigurumi dogs and more…

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Today, the new daily crochet pattern Amigurumi Doll With Flowers Free Crochet Pattern, I want to give you some information about this pattern;

what do you need

  • Circular incyazh amigurumi
  • Hooks 2mm and 2.50mm.
  • Acrylic bra filler
  • Eyes with 10mm locksecurity
  • Scissors
  • Tapestry needle
  • Al netes
  • Stick (hot glue) 10 cm.


  • Macadamia nuts (3148)
  • Creamy white (8176)
  • Hydrangea (2137)
  • Elastic band (3131)
  • Malva (6802)
  • Cream (1112)

run: chain
pb: low point
ATS: extremely low point
aum:incibavka (2 single crochet in the same loop)
say:invisible reduction point
pba: elongated bottom point
BLO: work only on the handles
MPa: half double crochet

incbid price
Recommended price for your
from 150 to 180 Brazilian reais,
depending on your class

Weapons (make 2)
Use skin color

1: 6sc in ring [6]

2: (2sc, 1sc)x2 [8]
3-18: Sc in each st [16 rows]
Close loops and hide -o

İncavaya leg
start with a color White with a hint

Let’s start working around the chains
(oval crochet)
non-increasing rows.

1: chain 5, 1 sc into 2nd chain loop from the hook, 2 sc, 1 inc, inc continue on the other sides of the air loops: 3pbn, 1aum [10]
2: (2sc, 1sc)x2 [8]
3-18: SC in each st [16 rows]
Close the loops and sinc -o.
2: 1aum, 2sc, (yy)x3, 3sc, 1yy [15]
3:2yy, 3sc, (1yy)x4, 5sc, 1yy [22]
4:BLO: 22sc [22]
5: sc in each st [22]
6: 5 sc, (1 dc)x6, 5sc [16]
7: 5sc, (1 dc)x3,5sc [13]
8: 5 sc, 1 sc three, 5 sc[11]
Change to Macadamia Leather
9: BLO: 11pbx
10: BLO: 11bn [11]
11:11pbn [11]
20: stitch by stitch [13]
21:10sc, 1mon, 1sc [12]
22:11sc, 1sc [13]
23: 5sc, 1aum, 7sc [14]
24-29: Stitch by stitch [6 turns]
Color change White with a shade of
28:BLO: 12pbx
29: Stitch by stitch [14]
Pin and cinc -o.

Left leg
Use the pictures in your foot in as a standard.
Repeat rows 1-11 for inc. legs. İncocontinues:

20: st behind the loop [13]
21:4sc, 1dc, 7sc [12]
22:10sc, 1ms, 1sc [13]
23:4sc, 1ms, 8sc [14]
24-29: Stitch by stitch [6 turns]
Color change Off white
28: BLO: 12pbx
29: Stitch by stitch [14]
Pin and cinc -o.

Position your feet so that your shoes
were addressed to you. Both legs
must be aligned to be
symmetrical. Then mark a point
in the middle of the inside of the legs,
so we can start putting them together.

If you see that the legs are not aligned,
make or increase 1 stitch.

30.Pair with -o in Off White at the marked point in your leg,
tie 2 ch, insert the needle into marked loop of the left leg and inc work 1 st in this st, st in the entire left leg, 1 sc for each ch, stbn along the entire inca leg, 1 stbn along the other side of each ch. [32]
31: 1sc, 3sc, 22sc, 3sc, 3sc [38]
32-33: SC in each st [2 rows] [38]
34:1SC, 4 DC, 19 SC, 4 DC, 2 DC [30]
35: (3SC, 1 DC)x6 [24]
35: SC in each st [24]
Changeon skin color. macadamia
36: (4, 1inc)x4 [20]
37-42: SC in each st [6 p. c] [20]

holding hands
İnc continue to work with the body and do:
43: 6 SC in the body, 8 SC in each SC of one
arm, 10 SC to body, 8 SC to each SC
with the other hand, 4 SC to the body [36]
(see pictures 15-17)
44: 4pbn, 1ptn, 6pbn, 1ptn, 7pbn, 1ptim6sc, 1incb, 3pn [30]
45: (3pbn, 1incb)x6 [24]
Put the filling.
46: (2sc, 1inc)x6 [18]
47: (1sc, 1inc)x6 [12]

Put the filling.
48-50: 12sc [3 turns]
51: 12sc sc [24]
52:(1sc, 1uts)x12 [36]
53:(5sc, 1us)x6 [42]
54: 3ch, 1ch (6ch, 1ch)x5, 3ch [48]
55: (7sc, 1inc)x6 [54]
56-66:54sc [11] circle.] Insert eyes between rows 59 and 60, 6 visible sts apart.
67: (7bp, 1 size)x6 [48]
68: 3pbn, 1pbn (6pbn, 1rm)x5, 3pbn [42]
69: (5pbn, 1rm)x6 [36]
70: 2sc, 1rm (4sc, 1rm)x5, 2sc [30]
71: (3sc, 1rm)x6 [24]
72: 1sc, 1dc (2sc, 1dc)x5, 1sc [18]
73: (1sc, 1dc)x6 [12]
74: 6dim (Inverted Magic Ring) Finishes and finishes.

• Embroider the nose with skin color.
• With white thread, embroider the white part at the outer corner of the eye.
• Embroider eyelashes with black thread.
• Color Chestnut (7625) embroider eyebrows 2 rows above the eyes.
• With the color of chewing gum, embroider the lines of the cheeks under each eye.
• Paint your cheeks with blush. (Optional)

use color Cream.
We are going to make a cape, which we will wear later.
1:6sc in ring [6]
2:6 sc [12]
3: (1ch, 1sc)x6 [18]
4: 1sc, 1up (2sc, 1uyn)x5, 1sc [24]
5: (3sc, 1uyn)x6 [30]
6: 2sc, 1up (4sc, 1uyn)x5, 2sc [36]
7: (5sc, 1uyn)x6 [42]
8: 3sc, 1up (6sc, 1uts)x5, 3sc [48]
9: (7sc, 1uts)x6 [54]
10-15: Stitch over stitch [6 rows] In 54 stitches we will -x 3 together in 1
single stitch. I cut them 30 cm each.

  • Take 3 of them at once and fold them in half
  • Insert the needle from top to bottom and put -o on the hook of the needle.
  • pull the 3rd to the other side of the stitch and insert a loop of 3 on the inside of the -nah.
  • Repeat in all loops of the last row of the cover.
  • İncide the volume of the hair, following the steps in photos 36-40.

Note: chains at the beginning of each
rows are not counted as stitches. In the end
each row do 1 ch and
turn work to incocontinue,
working in rows back and forth:

Until the 29th centuryn. Pb in each corr [28]

4 sc, 6 ch, inc 6 sc, 8 sc, 6 ch, inc 6 sc, 4 sc.
The dropped stitches form a hole for
incoordination of each hand.4 sc, 6 sc in ch, 8 sc, 6 sc in pack, 4 sc [28]
4-8: SC in each st [5 rows] SC 1
SS in 1st SC to connect.

Now work in a non-increasing career (withoutjob change).
9: FL: (1sc) x 28 in facial loops [56]
10: (2sc, 1sc) x 19 [76]
11-21: stitch by stitch [76] [11 turns]
Change to mauve
22: 76sc for back loops
Go to color Hydrangea
23: 76sc for back loops

Petticoat [Bottom of Dress]
Knit with the purl loops left over from the 09th row.
Work in a non-increasing career (without alternating jobs).
9: (1um MPa) x 28 56]
10: (2mpa, 1um-mpa) x 19 [76]
11-15: stitch over stitch [76] [5 rows]
16: (3MPa in the same stitch) over the entire width of the quarry.

You can choose a simple dress, as in photo 53, or a dress, which I will teach now.


•For ores,
5 – hydrangea flowers, 4 mauve, 5 chewing gums.
• 1 of each color for a hair tiara. dress using need paddles from 14 inc 2, 5 0 mm.
• 4-ore pink chewing gum with a 2mm needle with a tight stitch, this will be the buttons on the back of the dress.
• Decorate with pearls 4 mm in diameter.

Shoe flowers and buttons.
Make a magic ring.
1: Climb 2korr, (1mpa, 1sl) x5 Cut -o and pull into magic ring, finish off and sinchat – oh.

Dress flowers and diadem.
Make a magic ring.
1: Lift 2corr, (1mpa, 2korr, close 1slp)x5 Cut -o and retract magic ring, finish off and cinc -o

strap details
Insert the needle into the first visible ch loop and pull it out in the color of chewing
we make elastic bands 5 air and close the chain on the other side 1 ss ss.
Repeat for + 2 times using the other two colors Mauve and Hydrangea.

Assembling the dress…
Sew, taking two loops of the chain and sing-o.

By using Glue Pegamil Inc. Glue -orzinhas.

hair tiara
Use 3 purple ores, hydrangeas and chewing gum. Take a piece of cream-colored -o, using a tapestry needle, insert 5 or 6 pearls of 5 mm (color of your choice) and insert -o through -orzinhas and +5 pearls. sew.

start with a colorWhite with a hint
1: 20 chain stitches, cast off 1 sl-st, forming a circle. Move up 1 corr and make 20bp.
2: dot to dot [20]cut -o and sinchatsya. Make another one exactly the same and don’t cut -o.
Now we will connect the two parts into one using 1 ss.
3: Do 1 sc in circle, 20 sc on leg 1, 20 sc on leg 2. [40]
4-5: 40pba [2 turns]
6:40 b.p.
7: [2sc, 1size]x10 [30]
8-9: Stitch by stitch [30]

•frill for legs
On the front loops of the first row of legs we do:
2 corr, sl-st in the next loop x 20

• frill at the waist
On the front loops of the last row we do:
1korr, 1stbn in the next loop x 40
Cut pieces -o of chewing gum and inc every 2 points using
tapestry needle and give bows

start with a colorWhite with a hint

  • Let’s start working on chains (oval hook) in continuous rows.

1: chain 7, 1 sc into 2nd chain loop from the hook, 4 sc, 1 inc, inc continue on the other sides of the air loops: 5bp, 1aum [14]
2: 1yum, 4sc, (yu)x3, 5sc, 1yy [19]
3: 2yy, 4sc, (1yy)x7, 4sc, 2yy [30]
4: BLO: 30sc [30]
5-6: SC in each st [30]
7: 9SC, (1DC)x6, 9SC [24]
8: 9SC, (1DC)x3, 9SC [21]
9: 6SC, (1DC)x4, 7SC [17]
10:11bp [11]
11: BLO: 11bp[11]
Additional flower.

Don’t forget to use your creativity, change colors.
Matches with all shades you can be sure!

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