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Amigurumi Harley Quinn Free Crochet Pattern

Hello to knit a doll named Harley Quinn.The knitting toy height is about 20 cm, for the manufacture of such a doll, the author used YarnArt Jeans yarn and a 1.75 mm hook. Knitting toy will be a great gift for comic fans.

How about knitting this cute being together?
Let’s get started, then!


MAGİC RİNG – Amigurumi Ring

ch— air loop

sc— single crochet

ınc— ıncibmagic ring

dec— decavmagic ring

dc – single crochet

sl-st – connecting column


Hook number 1.75

Kradsky Yarn Art Jeans №90

Black Yarn Art Jeans №53

Blue Yarn Art Jeans №47

Golden Yarn Art Jeans №33

Yellow Yarn Art Jeans No. 86

White Yarn Art Jeans №62

Pink Yarn Art Jeans №20

Eyes 10 mm

Black, yellow, white sewing threads



1r. 6sc in magic ring

2 p. 6ınc

3 p. 1sc, ınc

4-5r. 18sc

6 p. 4sc, dec 3sc, dec

8 p. black 12sc

9-11r. beige 12sc

12-13r. white 12sc

14 p. edge 12sc

15 p. white 12sc

16 p. edge 12sc

17-19r. white 12sc

20-21r. edge 12sc

22 p. edge 6 decavs


1r. 5ch, from the second loop from the hook of the magic ring ıncibavmagic ring,

2sc, 4sc in one loop, 2sc, ınc

2 p. ınc, 4sc, 2ınc, 4sc, ınc

3 p. 1sc, ınc, 5sc, ınc, 1sc, ınc, 5sc, ınc

4 p. 2sc, ınc, 6sc, ınc, 2sc, ınc, 6sc, ınc

ınc knit another 2sc so that knitting would be in the center of the foot

5 p. change to white 24sc

6 p. 24sc

7 p. 7sc, 5dec, 7sc

8 p. 6sc, 3dec, 7sc

9-10r. 16sc

11-12r. black 16sc

13 RUR beige behind the back 16sc

14-17r. beige 16sc

18 p. on the first leg with blue thread 16sc, on

second leg with a thread 16sc

ınc connect with 3 air loops ((2

red, 1 blue) in the video we knit it together),

16sc blue, 1sc blue, 2sc red

chain of ch), 16sc right, 2sc right,

1sc in blue (on the second side of the chain from ch)

19 p. 16sc (blue), ınc (blue), 1sc (edge),

ınc (city), 16sc (city), ınc (city),

1sc (red), ınc (blue)

20-22r. 42 sc

23-24r. black 42sc

25 RUR beige 42 sc

26 p. beige. 7sc, dec, 20sc, dec, 11sc

27 RUR beige. 7sc, dec, 18sc, dec, 11sc

28 RUR White 38sc

29 RUR 7sc, dec, 17sc, dec, 10sc

30 RUR 36sc

31 RUR 7sc, dec, 16sc, dec, 9sc

32 RUR 34sc

33р .. 6sc, dec, 16sc, dec, 8sc

34 RUR 6sc, dec, 14sc, dec, 8dc

35 RUR 30dc

36 p. edge 6sc, dec, 13sc,

dec, 7sc

37 RUR edge 6sc, dec, 12sc,

dec, 6sc

38 RUB edge 5sc, dec, 11sc,

dec, 6sc

39 RUB beige 2sc, dec

40 RUR 18sc

41 RUR 18 ınc

42 RUR 5sc, ınc

43 RUR 6sc, ınc

44 RUR 7sc, ınc

45 RUR 8sc, ınc

46-54 RUR 60sc eyes insert

between 50-51 rows.

55 RUR 8sc, dec

56 RUR 7sc, dec

57 RUR 6sc, dec

58 RUR 5sc, dec

59 RUR 4sc, dec

60 rub 3sc, dec

61 p. 2sc, dec

62 p. 1sc, dec

63 RUR 6 dec


light yellow

1r. 6sc in magic ring

2 p. 6ınc

3 p. 1sc, ınc

4 p. 2sc, ınc

5 p. 3sc, ınc

6 p. 4sc, ınc

7 p. 5sc, ınc

8 p. 6sc, ınc

9 p. 7sc, ınc

10 p. 8sc, ınc

11-17r. 60sc

18 p. 27 psdc, 2cc, dial a chain of 20 ch, by

we knit a chain of 6 ınc of folds, 13sc, then 18

row 3 ss, dial a chain of 20 ch, by

we knit a chain of 6 ınc of folds, 13sc, then 18

Row 2cc, 26 psdc

Embroider nose in two rows below the peephole.

To fix the same thread curls


dial 6 ch, then another 45 ch, with

second loop from hook

we knit – (1sc, ınc) * 22 times

do ss, again dial 45 ch,

repeat this 5 times.

We should get 5


Details on the magic ring

on magic ring knit toys with Zhenya

Embroider with sewing thread

crosses on bracelets, bootsmagic rings and sweaters

Incline wig and ponytails.

On pink curls we do

imitation of gum and gum

Make eye shadow simulation magic rings

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