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Amigurumi Hat and Ear Warmers Mice Val ‘n Tine Free Crochet

Used materials;
Lammy Yarns Hawaï NDL 4 – 4.5 50gr/110m, Red
White Fluffy yarn (every brand is okay)
A piece of chenille wire
Scissors, needle

Used stitches and abbreviations (US);
MR: Magical Ring
CH: Chainstitch
SC: Single Crochet
SLST: Slip Stitch
2SC in 1SC: Increase
2SC together: Decrease

Rnd. 1. 5SC in MR (5)
Rnd. 2 – 3. 5SC (5)
Rnd. 4. 2SC in 1SC, 4SC (6)
Rnd. 5. 2SC in 1SC, 5SC (7)
Rnd. 6. 2SC in 1SC, 6SC (8)
Rnd. 7. 2SC in 1SC, 7SC (9)
Rnd. 8. 2SC in 1SC, 8SC (10)
Rnd. 9. (4SC, 2SC in 1SC) repeat 2x (12)
Rnd. 10. (3SC, 2SC in 1SC) repeat 3x (15)
Rnd. 11. (4SC, 2SC in 1SC) repeat 3x (18)
Rnd. 12. (2SC , 2SC in 1SC) repeat 6x (24)
Rnd. 13. (3SC, 2SC in 1SC) repeat 6x (30)
Rnd. 14 – 15. 30SC (30)
Crochet 1 SLST, 30CH, fasten off.
Crochet a chain of 30L at the other side of the hat.
Rnd. 16. Use white fluffy yarn: 30SC (30)

Little ball of white fluffy;
Rnd. 1. 6SC in MR
Rnd. 2. 6SC
Rnd. 3. (1SC, 2SC together) repeat 2x
Close and attach at the hat.
Tie the hat under the chin of the mouse.

Ear warmers;
Rnd. 1. 4SC in MR (4)
Rnd. 2. 2SC in every SC (8)
Rnd. 3. (1SC, 2SC in 1SC) repeat 4x (12)
Rnd. 4. (2SC, 2SC in 1SC) repeat 4x (16)
1SLST. Fasten off.

Make 4
Crochet 2 together with white fluffy yarn. The right sides are at the outside.Crochet back loops only : 16SC
Put a piece of chenille wire in between and crochet another round with fluffy yarn. 16SC

I attached the ear warmers with a little stitch on to the head, to remove when needed.

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