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Amigurumi The Pinkie Free Crochet Pattern

Hello dear Amigurumi Knitting Lovers
Today we share a free amigurumi crochet pattern for you. As you know, we share new amigurumi free patterns every day. master crochets, amigurumi gazelles, amigurumi bears, amigurumi pola, amigurumi pandas, amigurumi penguins, amigurumi giraffes, amigurumi lama, amigurumi pigs, amigurumi rabbit, amigurumi clowns, amigurumi dolls, amigurumi unicorn, amigurumi elephants, amigurumi unicorn , amigurumi hippos, amigurumi monkeys, amigurumi cats, amigurumi dogs and more…

Today, the new daily crochet pattern Amigurumi, The Pinkie Crochet Pattern, I want to give you some information about this pattern;


Catania Schachenmayr- 100% Cotton – 50gr / 175m

Skin Color No: TR263 (Body, Arms, Face)
Yellow Color No: 280 (Hair)
Pink Color No: 114 (Trousers, Waistcoat, Hat ornament)
Cream Color No: 105 (Hat, Shoes)

To mark a spot (using any piece of string)
8x10mm(9mm) Black Oval Eyes
Wire, 35cm long with a thickness of 2.5mm
Crochet Hook: Size No: 3 (2,20mm)
Black embroidery thread (for mouth, eyebrows, eyelashes)
Needle for sewing
For decoration; flakes, beads etc…


mr : magic ring
sc : single crochet
inc : increase
dec : decrease
blo : back loop only
flo : front loop only
hdc: half double crochet
hdc-inc: half double crochet-increase
hdc-dec: half double crochet-decrease
tr : treble crochet
w : 3sc in the same stittch.
dc : double crochet
dc-inc : double crochet increase
dc-dec : double crochet decrease
slst : slip stitch
ch : chain
bpsc : back post single crochet
(…)* : Crochet the number in parentheses by the
number next to the star.
i.e: (inc)3 = 3 times increase ABBREVIATIONS (2sc,inc)6 = (2sc, inc) repeat as the same 6 times

ARM (make 2)

1.(Skin Color) 6sc in mr…(6sc)

  1. (2sc, 1inc)*2…(8sc)
    3-12. 10 rounds 8sc…(8sc) Finished.

EAR (make 2)

1.(Skin Colour) Leave starting yarn long,
1ch, 5hdc, 1ch, 1sc in mr, leave ending yarn long.
Replace it and knot it through the head.


  • 1. (Skin Colour) 6sc in mr…(6sc)
  • 2. 6inc…(12sc)
  • 3. (1sc, 1inc)*6…(18sc)
  • 4. (2sc, 1inc)*6…(24sc)
  • 5. (3sc, 1inc)*6…(30sc)
  • 6. 2sc, 1inc, (4sc, 1inc)*5, 2sc…(36sc)
  • 7. (5sc, 1inc)*6…(42sc)
  • 8. 3sc, 1inc, (6sc, 1inc)*5, 3sc…(48sc)
  • 9. (7sc, 1inc)*6…(54sc)
  • 10. 4sc, 1inc, (8sc, 1inc)*5, 4sc…(60sc)
    11-19. 9 rounds 60sc…(60sc)
  • 20, 25sc, 1ch skip 1sc, 8sc, 1ch skip 1sc, 25sc…(58sc)
  • 21. 1sc to places with 1ch, 60sc…(60sc)
    The eyes will be attached to the places where we make thec hains.
  • 22-25. 4 rounds 60sc…(60sc)
  • 26. (2sc, 1dec)*15…(45sc)

Complete the face, eye, and ear embroideries

  • 27. (3sc, 1dec)*9…(36sc)
  • 28. 2sc, 1dec, (4sc, 1dec)*5, 2sc…(30sc)
  • 29. (3sc, 1dec)*6…(24sc) (Fiber)
  • 30. (2sc, 1dec)*6…(18sc)
  • 31, Blo, 18sc…(18sc)
  • 32-38. 7 rounds 18sc…(18sc) Finished.


1.(Cream) 6sc in mr…(6sc)

  1. 6inc…(12sc)
  2. (1sc, 1inc)*6…(18sc)
  3. 18bpsc…(18bpsc
  4. 1 round 18sc…(18sc)
  5. 7sc, 2dec, 7sc…(16sc)
  6. 6sc, 2dec, 6sc…(14sc) (Fiber)
  7. (Pink) 1 round 14sc…(14sc)
  8. Blo 14sc…(14sc)
    10-13. 4 rounds 14sc…(14sc)
  9. 4sc Finished.


1-13. The same as the other foot

  1. 12sc Finished


Attach yarn into the Blo stitch from the back.
Look at the pictures.

Attach yarn into the Blo stitch from the back.
Look at the pictures.


  1. (Pink) Attach the first leg to the second leg with one chain. Make
    16sc and place the stitch marker here.
    2-5 4 rounds 30sc…(30sc)
  2. (Skin Color) Blo 30slst…(30slst)
  3. Blo 30sc…(30sc)
  4. 6sc, 1dec, 13sc, 1dec, 7sc…(28sc)
    9-12. 4 rounds 28sc…(28sc)
  5. 7sc, 2sc(arm), 12sc, 2sc(arm), 5sc…(28sc)
  6. 7sc, 6sc(arm), 12sc, 6sc(arm), 5sc…(36sc)
  7. (4sc, 1dec)*6…(30sc)
  8. (3sc, 1dec)*6…(24sc) (Wire, Fiber)
  9. (2sc, 1dec)*6…(18sc)
  10. (1sc, 1dec)*6…(12sc) (Fiber)
    19-30. 12 rounds 12sc…(12sc) (5cm) (Do not stuff)
  11. 6dec Finished.

The legs are joined from the front
The arms should be aligned to the sides of the body.


  1. (Pink) 12ch, skip 1ch, 11sc…(11sc), turn
    2-6. (1ch, 11sc)5 rounds…(11sc), turn 7-8. (1ch, 4sc)2 rounds…(4sc), turn
  2. 1ch, 4sc, 8ch…(4sc), turn
  3. 11sc…(11sc), turn
    11-20. (1ch, 11sc)10 rounds…(11sc), turn 21-22. (1ch, 4sc)2 rounds…(4sc), turn
  4. 1ch, 4sc, 8ch…(4sc), turn
  5. 11sc…(11sc), turn
    25-29. (1ch, 11sc)*5 rounds…(11sc) Finished

Fold and sew the collars in a triangular shape.
Sew from the shoulders.
Glue sequins on the triangles.
Dress the vest on the baby and sew from the front.
Sew or glue sequins on the sewing line.
Sew or glue sequins on the front and back of the pants.
Look at the pictures


Attach the head to the body using 2 strands of yarn in the same
color as the skin. Than you can sew on the hair.


  1. (Yellow) 8sc in mr…(8sc)
  2. 8inc…(16sc)
  3. (1sc, 1inc)*8…(24sc)
  4. 1sc, 1inc, (2sc, 1inc)*7, 1sc…(32sc)
  5. Blo (3sc, 1inc)*8…(40sc)
  6. Hair Strands: Outer round; (55ch, 53hdc, 2sc)20 Hair Strands Inner round; (55ch, 53hdc, 3sc)11 Hair Strands
    Total : 31 Hair Strands


  1. (Cream) 8sc in mr…(8sc)
  2. 8inc…(16sc)
  3. (1sc, 1inc)*8…(24sc)
  4. 1sc, 1inc, (2sc, 1inc)*7, 1sc…(32sc)
  5. 1 round 32sc…(32sc)
  6. (3sc, 1inc)*8…(40sc)
  7. 2sc, 1inc, (4sc, 1inc)*7, 2sc…(48sc)
  8. Flo 1 round 48sc…(48sc)
  9. (5sc, 1inc)*8…(56sc)
    10-12. 3 rounds 56sc…(56sc)
  10. (6sc, 1inc)*8…(64sc)
    14-16. 3 rounds 64sc…(64sc)
  11. 63sc, 1inc…(65sc)
  12. Flo 2sc, 1inc, (4sc, 1inc)*12, 2sc…(78sc)
  13. (5sc, 1inc)*13…(91sc)
  14. 3sc, 1inc, (6sc, 1inc)*12, 3sc…(104)
  15. 15sc, 5hdc, 12dc, 5hdc, 30sc, 5hdc, 12dc, 5hdc, 15sc…(104sc)
  16. 1 round 104sc…(104sc) Finished.


(Pink) 68ch, 66hdc Finished

Attach sequins by gluing or sewing.
Look at the pictures.

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