Amigurumi, amigurumi free pattern

Amigurumi Velvet Rope Dragon Free Crochet Pattern


sc- single crochet

dc double crochet

ınc- ınc


ch- air loop

sl-st- connecting column

Toy height: ~ 30 cm.

You will need;

1) Skein YarnArt Dolce (hook No. 5) or Himalaya Dolphin Baby (hook No. 4).

2) Inc knitting on spikes and wings: I knit by what suits me in color and does not

ınc tack on her density. I use mercerized cotton, including

including the Kirov iris.

3) 4 identical buttons for fastening with a diameter of 15 mm. Try to

pick up buttons in the color of thorns.

4) Eyes and cilia. I use regular cilia

“real consignment notes”, eyes with a diameter of 16 mm.

5) Sintepuh for stuffing toys.


1) 2ch, 2 loop from hook 6sc (6)

2) (ınc) x6 (12)

3) (sc, ınc) x6 (18)

4) (2 sc, ınc) x6 (24)

5) (3 sc, ınc) x6 (30)

6-9) 30sc (30)

10) 3dc in one loop, 6sc, 3dc in one loop, 22sc (30)

11) sc, dec, 3sc, dec, 3sc, dec, 3 sc, dec, 3sc, dec, 3sc, dec, 2sc (24)

12) 2sc, dec, 6sc, dec, 6sc, dec, 4sc (21)

13) 2sc, ınc, 6sc, ınc, 6sc, ınc, 4sc (24)

14) 2sc, ınc, 7sc, ınc, 7sc, ınc, 5sc (27)

15) 2sc, ınc, 8sc, ınc, 8sc, ınc, 6sc (30)

16-19) 30 sc

Fasten the eyes between 14 and 15 next to

a distance of 3-5 sc (at your discretion).

20) (dec, 3sc) x6 (24)

21) (dec, 2sc) x6 (18)

22) (dec, sc) x6 (12)

23) (dec) x6, pull off the ring.

Fasten the thread, cut so that

left a tail (I leave 10 cm), ınc with the inside of the head. We will not

ınc anything with this ponytail, but if we cut the thread close to

the anchorage (especially YarnArt Dolce), it will crumble, and

everything will blossom.


1) 2ch, 2 loop from hook 6sc (6)

2) (ınc) x6 (12)

3) (sc, ınc) x6 (18)

4) (2 sc, ınc) x6 (24)

5) (3 sc, ınc) x6 (30)

6) (4 sc, ınc) x6 (36)

7) (5 sc, ınc) x6 (42)

8-13) 42 sc (42)

14) sc, (dec) x4, 33sc (38)

15) sc, (dec) x2, 16 sc, dec, 15sc (35)

16) 2dec, 15sc, dec, 14sc (32)

17) dec, 9sc, dec, 8 sc, dec, 9sc (29)

18) sc, dec, 9sc, dec, 5sc, dec, 8sc (26)

19) dec, 9sc, dec, 2sc, dec, 9 sc (23)

20) dec, 8sc, dec, sc, dec, 8sc (20)

21) dec, 8sc, dec, 8sc (18)

22) (4sc, dec) x3 (15).

We knit a connecting post, leave the thread for stitching 30 cm.


1) 2ch, 2 loop from hook 6sc (6)

2) (2sc, ınc) x2 (8)

3) (3sc, ınc) x2 (10)

4) (4sc, ınc) x2 (12)

5) (5sc, ınc) x2 (14)

6) (6sc, ınc) x2 (16)

7) (7sc, ınc) x2 (18)

8) (8sc, ınc) x2 (20)

9) 9sc, ınc, 4sc, ınc, 4sc, ınc (23)

10) 10sc, ınc, 5sc, ınc, 5sc, ınc (26)

11) 11sc, ınc, 6sc, ınc, 6sc, ınc (29)

If the tail is small in relation to the convex part of the priests, then you can tie

12) 12sc, ınc, 7sc, ınc, 7sc, ınc (32). If, on the contrary, it’s Bolshevat, then

limited to 10 rows.

Handles (2 pcs):

1) 2ch, in 2 loop from hook 6sc (6) 2.) Inc6 (12)

3-4 Rows (2 rows): 12 sc (12)

5) (2sc, dec) x 3 (9)

6) (sc, dec) x3 (6)

7-12 Rows (6 rows): 6sc (6)

Do not stuff. Fold in half, pull off.

Legs (2pcs):

1) 2ch, 2 loop from hook 6sc (6)

2) (ınc) x6 (12)

3) (sc, ınc) x6 (18)

4) (2pdcv 1) x4 times, 14sc (22)

5) behind the rear semi-loop 22sc (22)

6) 22 sc (22)

7) 4dec, 14sc (18)

8) 3dec, 12sc (15)

9) 3dec, 9sb (12)

10-13) 12 sc (12)

Tightly stuffed

14) (dec) x6 (6)

Fold in half, connect ss, sc. ss Inc thread!

Spikes for the ridge:

For spikes I have a light green ınchia Pechora “Baby Cotton” and a hook of 1.5 mm.

One of the spikes is larger than the others; we knit it according to the following pattern.

Big spike:

1) 6sc in ring (6)

2) (2sc, ınc) x2 (8)

3) (3sc, ınc) x2 (10)

4) (4sc, ınc) x2 (12)

5) (5sc, ınc) x2 (14)

6) (6sc, ınc) x2 (16)

7) (7sc, ınc) x2 (18)

8) 7sc, ss.

Small spikes:

1) 6sc in ring (6)

2) (2sc, ınc) x2 (8)

3) (3sc, ınc) x2 (10)

4) (4sc, ınc) x2 (12)

5) (5sc, ınc) x2 (14)

6) (6sc, ınc) x2 (16)

7) 6sc, ss.

In total, 8 spikes are enough for me, but I need to measure. Main ınc rule: 1 row

– this is 6sc in the ring, and then two uniform ınc in the row, so that

it turned out a cone. We knit to the desired size and additionally ınc knit

a few sc to the place of the ınc-allowance and make a connecting column so that

the spikes were even.

Connection of spikes: Usually I connect them all in all 8, but in this case

decided to combine separately for the head and torso. So! For 3 spikes are enough: 1 large and 2 small. Big in my

the base has 18 sc, small by 16. Inc connect the thread to the corner the first tenon and ınc knit the sc half of the tenon. In my case, it is 9 sc. Then 2 ch, and ınc knits sc half of the second spike (I have 8sc), 2вн, and in the same way ınc connect the 3 spikes. 3 spike is our last, therefore ınc knit all 16 sc, do 2 ch, 8sc second spike, 2ch, 9 sc first spike, ss, we leave a long thread for ıncishing. In the same way we connect 5 spikes for torso. In the ınc process ınc place the tape from

spikes to the body, to understand that she it turns out the right length. Maybe, need ınc knit 3, not 2ch between spikes.


The tummy can be made from anything, cut from fleece or felt and

ınc write. I will knit it in rotary rows, ınc and knitting ınc measure your belly and

customize your dragon.

1) We dial 8ch. Then 1ch the rise and with the third from

crochet hook ınc knit until the end of the row another 7 sc.

2) Do on the sides for 1 ınc-discount. (ten)

3) 10 sc

4) Again, two ınc-margins on the sides. (12)

5) 12 sc

etc. until it becomes 20 sc.

We knit 10 rows of 20 sc and start the narrowing.

In one row, on the sides of the decavka, in the second decavka in the middle. And so I alternate

6 rows. The result is such a kind of egg that I tie a crustacean


Fasten the legs;

We will fasten with button fastening.

Since I’m in a different city now, and my magic chest

with accessories not with me, I found the usual 16 mm buttons and

tied them with iris.

We take a spoke and mark the axis.

I have it ınc goes between 9 and 10

nearby at a distance of 16 sc.

Incimer on the axis of the foot.

Instead of knitting ınc pull the thread. AND

back. Through. Tighten.

Tied up.

Similarly, we write pens. My ınc axis goes between 3 and 4

near the top.

Wings (1 option);

Included wing:

1) We knit a chain of 16 dark green ıncases, we return along it

single crochet (15 sc)

2) Light green ın ties: 3sc; 3cc; 2 tbsp. 2n. ınc knit together

(dec); 2 tbsp. 2n .; 2 tbsp. 3n. ınc knit together (dec); 2 tbsp. 3n.

The dark green ınc ınc thread doesn’t break off, but ınc stretches along the stitches

first row, so it appears inside the columns. Inc ınc knitting

the last column with three crochets raise the dark green thread.

Before moving on to the third row, we knit 2 ch.

3) Dark green ıncases 13sc + one more – in the very first loop of the base

knitting (so that the “skeleton” of the wing went as if from one point). Change the thread to

light green, knit 1ch for lifting.

4) light green ıncases 3 sc; 3 tbsp. 2n .; 2 tbsp. 2n. together (dec); 2 tbsp

2n .; 2 tbsp. 3n. together (dec); 1st.s 3n. Inc ınc knitting last

the column of this row, raise the dark green thread and end the column with it.

We knit dark green with a thread 2 ch.

5) dark green ın with more than 13sc Change the thread, light green ın with more than 1ch for lifting.

6) 3sc; 2dc together (dec); 2ssn; now we do 2 decisions in a row, ınc tying in pairs Art. from 2n .; 1 tbsp. 2n. Change the thread to dark green, 2ch.

7) 3sc; 2dc together (dec); 1ssn; 2 contracting, ınc tying in pairs st. with 2n. Change of thread, 2ch dark green ıncords.

8) 9sc, we turn the work over and ınc continue with the crayfish step to the upper point wings.

Left wing;

1) We knit a chain of 16 dark green ıncases, we return along it

single crochet (15 sc)

2) 1 half-column, thread change, 4 ch (they replace 1 tbsp. With 3n.); 1 tbsp. 3n .; 2 tbsp

3n. together (dec); 2 tbsp. 2n .; 2 tbsp. 2n. together (dec); 3 PRS; 3 sc

Change the thread, 1 sc at the beginning of ın the previous row, 1ch lift

3) we don’t knit the first loop, then 12 sc, 2ch

4) 1sc, thread change, 4ch light green ınc; 2 tbsp. 3n. together (dec); 2

st.s 2n .; 2 tbsp. 2n. together (dec); 3 PRS; 3sc, change of thread, 1 dark green

column, 1ch lift.

5) 1 the loop is not ınc knit, 11 sc, 2 ch.

6) dark green sc, thread change, 3ch; 2 solutions by ınc knitting in pairs

st.s 2n .; ssn, 2dc together (dec); 3sc, change of thread, dark green sc, 1ch.

7) 1 loop is not ınc knit, 9sc, 2ch.

8) 1sc. fasten and cut the thread.

Wings (2 option);

To make the wings sharper, I did not tie 1 sc

started to type 3 ch + lift loop.

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