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Amigurumi Little Tiger Free Crochet Pattern

Hello dear Amigurumi Knitting Lovers
Today we share a free amigurumi crochet pattern for you. As you know, we share new amigurumi free patterns every day. master crochets, amigurumi gazelles, amigurumi bears, amigurumi pola, amigurumi pandas, amigurumi penguins, amigurumi giraffes, amigurumi lama, amigurumi pigs, amigurumi rabbit, amigurumi clowns, amigurumi dolls, amigurumi unicorn, amigurumi elephants, amigurumi unicorn , amigurumi hippos, amigurumi monkeys, amigurumi cats, amigurumi dogs and more…

Today, the new daily crochet pattern Amigurumi Little Tiger Crochet Pattern, I want to give you some information about this pattern;


sc-single crochet
dc-double crochet
inc- increase
ch- chain
tch-turning chain
sl st-slip stitch
MR-magic ring
In this pattern we use US crochet terminology

Tools and materials

-crochet hook №2 (US B)
-toy stuffing
I use the stuffing in form of balls(sintepon)
-needle with wide eye

-YarnArt «JEANS» yarn №85 (orange)-50g/160m-2 skeins

-KID MOHAIR ROYAL ALIZE yarn № 055 five times folded or any
other mohair yarn of white color.

-YarnArt «JEANS» yarn №70 or 71 or 79 (brown)- for the stripes
of our tiger.

-6mm eyes-2pc

-0.2 mm fishing line or even thinne

Use the yarn of the white color, if You are going to crochet the tiger in
two colors. And use ginger color if your tiger will be in one color.
MR -6sc
R2-(1sc,1inc)6=18 R3-sc all across the round=18 R4-(2sc,1inc)6=24
R5-sc all across the round=24
R6-(3sc,1inc)6=30 R7-sc all across the round=30 R8-(4sc,1inc)6=36
Change to orange color
R9-sc all across the round=36
R10-3sc, 12inc,21sc=48
R11-(7sc,1inc)6=54 R12-(8sc,1inc)6=60
R13-(9sc,1inc)6=66 R14-(10sc,1inc)6=72
R15-(11sc,1inc)6=78 R16-(12sc,1inc)6=84

R18-32-sc all across the round=90(15rounds)
R33-(13sc,1dec)6=84 R34-(12sc,1dec)6=78
R35-(11sc,1dec)6=72 R36-(10sc,1dec)6=66
R37-(9sc,1dec)6=60 R38-(8sc,1dec)6=54
R39-(7sc,1dec)6=48 R40-(6sc,1dec)6=42
R41-(5sc,1dec)6=36 R42-(4sc,1dec)6=30
Leave a small opening for making the face details


Work in white color
6sc in MR=6
R2-sc all across the round=12
Crochet in two colors .
Place the thread which we are not working with between the stitches,
crocheting around it.
For example:
Crochet in white color, leave the orange thread inside of the stitches.
Make a chain before changing the color.

R3-in white color (1sc,1inc)2=6 in orange color-(1sc,1inc)4=12
R4-7-in white color -6sc, in orange color-12
R8-in white color-6sc
in orange color-(2sc,1inc)*4=16
R9-11-in white color-6sc, in orange color-16sc
Fasten off the thread of orange color, leave a tail for sewing. It should be
20cm long approximately.
Fasten off the thread and weave in end inside of the ear.
The second ear is crocheted in the same way


R2-(1sc,1inc)6=18 R3-(2sc,1inc)6=24
R4-(3sc,1inc)6=30 R5-(4sc,1inc)6=36
R6-(5sc,1inc)6=42 R7-(6sc,1inc)6=48
R8-(7sc,1inc)6=54 R9-(8sc,1inc)6=60
R10-(9sc,1inc)6=66 R11-(10sc,1inc)6=72
R12-(11sc,1inc)6=78 R13-(12sc,1inc)6=84
R14-20-sc all across the round=84 (7 rounds)
Change to brown color and make the color changing every three
rounds to the brown thread and work one round.
R21-33-sc all across the round=84 (don’t forget about the stripes)
R34-(12sc,1dec)6=78 R35-sc all across the round=78 R36-(11sc,1dec)6=72
R37-sc all across the round=72
R38-(10sc,1dec)6=66 R39-sc all across the round=66 R40-(9sc,1dec)6=60
R41-sc all across the round=60
R42-(8sc,1dec)6=54 R43-sc all across the round=54 R44-(7sc,1dec)6=48
R45-sc all across the round=48
R46-(6sc,1dec)6=42 R47-sc all across the round=42 R48-(5sc,1dec)6=36
R49-sc all across the round=36
Fasten off the brown thread

R51-sc all across the round, BUT WORK INTO BACK LOOPS ONLY .
Stuff the body. Stuff very tightly.
R52-(3sc,1dec)6=24 R53-(2sc,1dec)6=18
R54-dec all across the round and continue making decreases until the opening is
Fasten off, leaving a long tail , so You would be able to sew the body to the head


Work in white color.
When crocheting the rounds with decreases or increases, make a sl st
and a turning ch at the end of the round. And crochet in rounds when
working the rounds without changes.
R2-(1sc,1inc)6=18 R3-(2sc,1inc)6=24
R4-10-sc all across the round=24 (7 rounds)
R11-(2sc,1dec)6=18 R12-(2sc,1dec)4, 2sc=14

Change to orange color.
Change to brown color after finishing three rounds.
R13-37-sc all across the round=14
Stuff the arm firmly.

Crochet in orange color. When working the rounds with increases and
decreases, I make a sl st and a turning ch at the end of every round.
When the rounds without any changes start, then I crochet in rounds in
a spiral.
Make ch 8
Crochet around the chain. Insert the crochet hook into the second chain
from the hook
R1-1inc,5sc,4sc-into one stitch,5sc,1inc=18
R3-1inc, 9sc,1inc,2sc,1inc,9sc,1inc=28
R4-(3sc,1inc)7=35 R5-sc all across the rounds=35 R6-(4sc,1inc)7=42

R7-10-sc all across the round=42
R11-(4sc,1dec)7=35 R12-sc all across the round=35 R13-(3sc,1dec)7=28
R16-18-sc all across the round=22
Change to brown color.
R19-sc all across the round=22
R20-46 sc all across the round=22
Stuff the leg firmly.
R47-dec all across the round and continue crocheting decreases until the opening is
Fasten off the thread and weave in thread end inside of the toy.
The second leg is crocheted in the same way

Face details.
Needle sculpting for the eyes area.

Stuff the head firmly. Pay special attention to the white part.
Mark the points for the eyes on the head. If you are going to use safety
eyes, then insert them before stuffing the head. Then stuff the head and
make a needle sculpting.
Thread the needle with orange color.
Insert it into the middle of the lower parts of the cheeks (white part).
Bring out from the first eye point, skip two stitches, now we will make a
stitch, reinsert the needle and bring out from the second eye point
(leave 5-6 sts between the eyes). Skip two stitches and then return the
needle to the starting point

Pull the threads tightly and tie a knot. The eyes area should be squeezed a little.
Weave the thread ends inside of the head using a needle

Face details

Thread the needle with the yarn or white color. We need to squeeze the
cheeks a little.
Make a needle sculpting. Insert the needle into the head opening
(where we have stuffed)into the middle of the cheeks (count 4-5
rounds down). Bring the needle out and insert into the middle of the
muzzle. To make it clear I included the photo with the nose, but we
haven’t embroidered the nose yet. Make several stitches to squeeze the
cheeks. Pull the thread tightly and return the needle to the head
opening. Tie the threads together.

Thread the needle with the brown color and insert it into the head opening, leave a
small thread tail. Bring the needle out from the point where the nose will be
embroidered. I counted 5 rounds from the top, and my nose is 4-5 sts wide. Embroider
the nose with regular stitches. Bring the needle back to the head opening and tie the
Make a vertical stitch dividing the muzzle with one strand of the brown thread. Bring
the needle out from the middle point of the nose (at the
lower part) – make a stitch, insert to the lower point of the muzzle .
Leave two white rounds of white part .

Face details
Alive look.

Thread the needle with the white thread.
I use thin plush yarn. But it is not necessary. You can use any yarn of
white color.
Isert the needle into the head opening, leaving a small thread tail.

Face detail.
Ears sewing

9sts up from the eyes
20sts apart from the ears
Insert the needle into the ear stitch and under the head stitch, at first
sew the side with the white part of the ear. When sewing this part of the
ear, insert the needle into both loops of the ear stitches.
The second part of the ear should be sewn to the next round, but not to
the same round. And when sewing the second part of the ear, You
should insert the needle into the front loops on the ear stitches.

Pull all the threads out from the opening on the head. WHEN THE SECOND EAR IS

Sewing the body.

Run a long straight needle through the body, so it will not move and the
attaching process would be more convenient.
Insert the needle under the stitch on the head and insert into the front
loops which were left free on the body.
Sew tightly, pull the thread so the attaching stitches will be invisible.
Bring the thread out from the head opening and tie with other threads

Close the opening on the head.
R43-(3sc,1dec)6=24 R44-(2sc,1dec)6=18
Add stuffing. The head should be stuffed tightly.
R46-dec all across the round and continue making decreases until the opening is
Weave in the thread inside of the head using a needle

Embroider the stripes on the head.

Make the stripes at any points you like with regular stitches. I MAKE
THREE STRIPES. Use the thread twice folded. It’s better to thread the
needle with a long thread.
INSERT , leaving a tail .

Secure as it’s shown in the photo (the first photo in the second row)
Pull the thread and the knot will be hidden inside. Fasten off an extra thread tail. Make
one long stripe and make two stripes shorter

Embroider the eyebrows on the face.
Embroider the eyebrows with the same thread.

Attach the arms and the legs with the thread jointing. Watch the
video with the bear as an example.
The points for arms attaching: count 7 stitches down from the
neck (the point where body is sewn) and count 12 stitches from
the middle of the body to both sides.
The points for legs attaching: count 20 stitches up from the magic
ring and count 21 stitches to both sides.
Pull the threads, pushing the arms and the legs very very closely
to the bod

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